North Texas Kids Outside in Texas State Parks

idea by 21victoria86
North Texas Kids Outside in Texas State Parks




How can you inspire your friends, neighbors, and community to discover the great outdoors and reconnect with nature?


Texas has approximately 100 state parks and natural areas that offer an escape for families, neighbors, and the community to enjoy and reconnect with the outdoors and nature. We will host events at state parks near Dallas-Ft. Worth to introduce the outdoors to urban & minority families that may not usually visit those parks and natural areas for recreation. Families can hike trails, geocache for hidden treasures, kayak in the lakes and rivers, watch wildlife, attend interpreter presentations, enjoy the night skies, and even camp for a night! We will provide a supportive community, introduce them to outdoor recreation, and encourage a connection between each person and the outdoors. As leaders and outdoor enthusiasts, we value families, youth, and community as the major driving forces for reconnecting Americans to the outdoors.

How do you plan to use the $1,000 grant and $500 airline gift card to turn your idea into a reality?

We will use the $1,000 grant to pay entrance fees for families visiting the parks, to rent outdoor recreation equipment for activities during our events, and to purchase state park passes for at least 4 families. We anticipate having at least 6 events at 6 different state parks over the coming year, hosting at least 25 people at each event. The $500 airline gift card will be used to take one family on a trip to visit a state park in either South or West Texas. We would like to introduce them to the outdoors in an area of Texas they may have never seen before. Our volunteers will seek support and partnerships from local businesses, organizations, and friends and family members to build a supportive community and maximize our grant funds. We are passionate youth leaders that will inspire our friends, families, neighbors, and community to get outside and reconnect with the outdoors in our local spaces and state parks. Thank you for your time and we'll see you outside!

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$1,000 grant & $500 in airfare from Frontier Airlines
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Outdoors, there’s an App for that!
Outdoors, there’s an App for that!

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