Outdoors, there’s an App for that!

Winning idea by jjoyjames
Outdoors, there’s an App for that!

How can you inspire your friends, neighbors, and community to discover the great outdoors and reconnect with nature?


In order to discover & enjoy the great outdoors, one must be comfortable in natural surroundings. This is not the case! The average American child spends 44 hours per week in front of a screen (Kaiser Family Foundation). While college students spend most of their day engaged with some form of media (e.g. cellphones, laptops). Television & video game use is evidenced to be a factor accounting for 60% of childhood obesity & is now considered a North American epidemic by physicians (Trembley & Williams, 2005).

Play will be our inspiration to get people outside. Unplugging from technology, getting outdoors and having fun will be our mission. We will challenge our community to disconnect from their screens & participate in different types of outdoor activities with friends & family. These fun activities can foster comfort and confidence in natural settings, break barriers to participation in outdoors while also building community, & learning about the benefits of outdoor activities.

How do you plan to use the $1,000 grant and $500 airline gift card to turn your idea into a reality?

We will host an event to promote unplugging from technology for a day while participating in enjoyable outdoor activities. There will be leaders for each of the activities to instruct, guide or help participants learn about nature & outdoor recreation. Activities will be sponsored by the Appalachian State University Outdoor Play & Health Humanities Research Cluster & hosted by community partners which could include Appalachian State University student groups, local biking & hiking groups, hospital/wellness center, community recreation department, & local land trusts. The $1000 will be used for event promotion, providing t-shirts for volunteers/community partners & activity supplies for various outdoor activities. As incentive to participate in the event, we will have a free raffle. Some of the $1000 will be used to purchase prize items (e.g. public land pass & nature books) & the grand prize will be the $500 plane ticket to visit America’s public lands like our National Forests.

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Great idea.

almost 3 years ago | Reply

In this age, too many of our younger generation are not subject to the outdoors early enough in life to have an admiration for it. Parents should be trained, not so much the children, to take notice of what there is out there that nature has to offer resource wise, along with it's beauty. I have made my way across America four times in the late 70's & early 80's, seeing the beauty that nature has to offer, from the shores of New England to California, then from there back to Delaware. The Badlands were beautiful, along with the Rockies, and I loved Seattle. But to get more people interested in knowing this requires the ability to pull them from their common interests which their peers force upon them. Since I am epileptic, I never let peer pressure be a factor to my interests.

by woodymike57
about 3 years ago | Reply

Congratulations! That's an awesome idea. You will help so many children and adults with this event!

by becky@macomb.com
about 3 years ago | Reply

Go App State!

by lora.b.brittain
about 3 years ago | Reply

Awesome! Would love to see this project happen!

by marysheryl
about 3 years ago | Reply

Go AppState!!!

by tesfom mehari
about 3 years ago | Reply

Go AppState!!!

by tesfom mehari
about 3 years ago | Reply

Go AppState!

by covingtonjt
about 3 years ago | Reply

Go App !

by abernethymr1
about 3 years ago | Reply

Go App!

by Realpure1
about 3 years ago | Reply

Love this App!

by resQkees
about 3 years ago | Reply

Love the idea!

by dgartin
about 3 years ago | Reply

Good luck! Love the idea of unplugging!

by jeff.gartin
about 3 years ago | Reply

Play inspires creativity, social connection with real people, learning, competition, and most of all releasing those great endorphins in our brain that bring laughter, release of tension and FUN!!!

by jana.s.james
about 3 years ago | Reply

Love, love, love it! Keep up the great work that you do!

by shari.galiardi
about 3 years ago | Reply

$1,000 grant & $500 in airfare from Frontier Airlines
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Outdoors, there’s an App for that!
Outdoors, there’s an App for that!

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