The Nature Yoga

idea by Heather Noyes
The Nature Yoga




How can you inspire your friends, neighbors, and community to discover the great outdoors and reconnect with nature?


The Nature Yoga connects people of all ages to the natural world through outdoor yoga, meditation, and green living. As we embrace the beauty of nature, we find peace and beauty in our own inner nature. We realize our infinite interconnectedness and remember that we are all sharing this one Planet Earth. We discover joy and gratitude in life's simple pleasures and find that as we consume less and create more, we are happier and more fulfilled. While yoga has been diversifying and growing in popularity, The Nature Yoga reminds us of its roots. The ancient yogis created the poses to support their meditation; they observed nature in admiration and assumed the shape of animals and trees to feel more connected and fully in the moment. As the creator of this project and also a credentialed teacher, environmental educator, and registered yoga instructor, I inspire all ages from kids to seniors with the mission to reconnect Yoga with Nature.

How do you plan to use the $1,000 grant and $500 airline gift card to turn your idea into a reality?

The Nature Yoga is a budding project that offers Standup Paddleboard Yoga and donation-based outdoor yoga classes and monthly adventures to various state and regional parks. The $1,000 grant will assist in the promotion and organization of the free/donation-based gatherings that include yoga, meditation, nature awareness, outdoor skills, and park volunteerism.

The grant money will also be used to publish a colorful Green Living Guide for classroom teachers, parents, or kids themselves. Interested teachers will receive a copy and a workshop with their class.

The $500 Airline gift card will be used as the grand gift to the top donor of another online fundraising network that will continue funding this project and its future vision of: organizing longer Yoga Adventure Trips, developing further resources and programs, and building collaborations between the various yoga, environmental, and educational communities.
Thank you!

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Thanks guys! Yes I wish you could be here to join me!

by Heather Noyes
about 3 years ago | Reply

What a creative way to get young people out into Nature. Very creative Heather! Fil

by filsong
about 3 years ago | Reply

I would def come to such communing sessions, if i lived in the US of A. Fantastic idea. and a great use of the money. Best of luck Heather.

by ccorduroy
about 3 years ago | Reply

$1,000 grant & $500 in airfare from Frontier Airlines
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Outdoors, there’s an App for that!

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